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Wellness in the Workplace

Employee wellness is paramount to a thriving workplace. From interactive workshops to personalized coaching, I am dedicated to fostering a culture of well-being that enhances productivity, reduces stress, and promotes an overall positive work culture. Discover how investing in employee wellness can transform your workplace for the better.


At Simply Balanced with Gina, my mission revolves around advocating for workplace well-being and professional growth. The tailored keynotes, webinars, seminars and movement classes are designed to inspire, educate and empower your team to excel personally and professionally.


Book an in-person seminar or workshop with Gina!


Committed to providing high-quality, results-driven nutrition and wellness health coaching services that support the well-being and success of your corporation, I look forward to discussing how we can collaborate to create a customized wellness program that meets your company's needs and objectives.

Provide a fun & informative Lunch & Learn


Lunch and Learn sessions - where good food meets great conversation. Enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch prepared with fresh ingredients as we delve into its nutritional benefits. Then, sit back and engage in an enlightening discussion on various wellness topics chosen to inspire and empower. Our Lunch and Learn sessions are always well-received, providing a nourishing experience for both body and mind.

Group Movement Classes


Movement and stretch is an incredible way to manage daily stress. Consider offering a 45 minute movement class to leave emplyees feeling energized and empowered!

Anne W.

Gina is such a strong focused person. She is humble - she shares her journey and when teaching, tells us poses in class she struggled to learn. She loves to teach, she loves to learn and no question is too much - she is right there helping, guiding. She is such a joy and friend to all regardless of age. Superpowers - a born teacher, a born student, a fountain of knowledge and a total joy!

Patty O.

I've worked with Gina on a professional and personal level for over 10 years. Professionally I brought Gina into my company monthly for "Lunch & Learns" and she would talk to employees about good food, snacking, and how to control stress in the workplace. It was very well received. Gina is a great motivator.

Personally, Gina worked with me on nutrition and label reading. I also took Pilates with her 1:1. She is a great instructor and motivator. I loved that class - lots of exercise and lots of fun and laughs!

Chris M.

“Gina was really comprehensive in taking in my wellness history and asking a lot of important questions before starting down the path of making recommendations. It’s hard to know where to start without the benefit of someone really taking stock of your individual challenges, goals and hurdles in building a healthier life.”  

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Download my FREE Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfast Recipes eBook and be on your way to improving your energy and mood throughout the day with simple & deliciously satisfying recipes!

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