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Fun Summer Finds

I’ve rounded up the most requested items from my stories and reels for you and kept some of my favorite summer grabs. Pretty sure everything here is under $25!

  • ​1. Citrus Squeezer - I use this little gadget so often I don't know what I did before I had it. I love incorporating citrus into recipes and marinades and dressings so this makes life so much easier and gets all the juice out of your fruits!

  • ​2. Outdoor Cups- I love the look of these outdoor cups and am asking for them for part of my birthday gift. Hydration is obviously a major priority for me so I like to convince my hubby that I need fun glasses to drink from and these ones have a fun vintage look, perfect for entertaining.

  • ​3. Olive Oil Sprayer- I PROMISE you need this. If you have a heavy hand like me with olive oil, this is the perfect solution. It also is great for spraying veggies or salads (or even moisturizing your hands) and it looks cute too and comes in a sleek glass.

  • 4. ​Beverage Dispenser- I bring this thing with me to every wellness event I provide and use it for every gathering I host in my home all year long. I love to come up with different fun and colorful ways to infuse my water. It looks pretty and people are super drawn to it. And if I can get people to drink more water than I've accomplished something!

  • 5. Strainer - Ok - I know this strainer has nothing to do with summer - BUT - since I posted about it a month back or so, out of all the content I share, this silly (but amazing) strainer has stirred up more comments, conversation and request than anything I've ever posted. You need one for washing fruits and veggies, straining beans - you won't be sorry!

  • 6. Straw Hat - I treated myself to almost this exact straw hat at a little boutique by my shore house and get compliments from strangers. It is super flexible and comfortable to wear and looks cute. I found the closest dupe I could for you!

  • 7. Sungalsses- My super fashionable and cool friend was wearing these sungalsses at pick up one day. I assumed they were designer and when I complimented her she let me in on a secret that she got them on Amazon for under $15!! I immediately ordered a pair for myself in this beautiful shade of rosewater pink. I'm planning to order another set (of 3 for $15) so that I can keep a pair in each car and bag!

  • 8. LMNT hydration powders - I've been working so hard on my hydration game and recognizing that sometimes just plain water doesn't cut it. The importance & power of minerals on aging and overall health & functioning is pretty incredible so this is an easy way to get in some of the most crucial minerals on a daily basis. This is a fun little pack you can try out. I tend to like the less sweet/spicier flavors or the unflavored and then I add my own juice from a lemon. I'll be traveling with these little pouches all summer & certainly bringing them with me to the beach!

Hoping it's a summer full of sun, fun & relaxation!

**Please note that a small commission may be made on some affiliate links I recommend at no added cost to you. I am selective with what I share and only recommend products I use and enjoy myself. 

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