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Spring & Detox Things

  • 1. Citrus Juicer - I use lemon and other citrus fruits constantly - in my morning water, to sip on throughout the day, to season food, in dips and guacamole, you name it. I pull this little gadget out of the drawer more times that I can count. It wastes no juice and is super simple to use and clean.

  • 2. Dinrking Glasses - These are on my wish list for Mother's Day. I'm in the market for new drinking glasses and love these ribbed glassware. Of course they'll be fun for coctails or mocktails but I'm just picturing sipping on some refreshing fruit infused water from them all spring and summer long!

  • 3. Olive Oil Sprayer - Quite easily one of my newer favorite gadgets. I've gifted to at least 10 people already - perfect for adding th right amount of olive oil to your food, great for salads or seasoning meals and looks nice on your counter too!

  • 4. Jump Rope - The liver loves a littel rebound movement or bouncing. It gets things moving and can help to stimulate the lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in removing toxins and waste products from the body. It's also effective for improving cardiovascular health which promotes blood circulation. This inexpensive but effective form of exercise is an easy thing to sneak in to your day!

  • 5. Dry Brush-Dry brushing is a super simple habit I've picked up while waiting for my shower water to warm. It's a quick and effective way to promote circulation and support the lymphatic system which is integral for natural detlxifcation. It is also a great method for exfoliation and feels like an amazing little massage.

  • 6. Glass Spray Bottles - When I first became aware of the toxic burden that is present in the home I sought out some ways to go about minimizing where I could. Something I've done consistently is to make some of my own cleaner. I love using glass bottles and mixing together some water, white vinegar and lemon peel or lemon essential oil. Check out the recipe here and give these cute glass bottles a try!

  • 7. Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder - With warmer weather apporaching, I find myself looking foward to smoothies again! This is the protein powder I've been using for over 7 years. It is very thoroughly researched, loaded with super foods and tastes delicious. While it is a plant based powder, it has an exceptional protein profile and plenty of fiber as well! I use it for smoothies, pudding, in pancakes and baked goods, in yogurt or oatmeal - the list goes on! It comes in larger bags or single serve packets and can be ordered as just vanila, just chocolate or a combo of each!

  • 8. Melissani Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System - This sleek countertop purification system removes 99.9% of harmful contaminants from your water, provides hot or chilled or added hydrogen with the push of a button and can be programmed for 8 or 12 oz so you can step away while filling. We've been enjoying ours for the past 6 months. Use code SIMPLYBALANCED for 10% off!

Here's to thriving this spring!

**Please note that a small commission may be made on some affiliate links I recommend at no added cost to you. I am selective with what I share and only recommend products I use and enjoy myself. 

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