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Are you getting the most out of your produce?

I am an empath to a fault sometimes.


Like to the point where I actually feel badly for the solo bananas that don't have a bunch so I buy them as singles. (Insert eye roll).


Another thing that keeps me up at night is throwing away produce that has gone bad because it hasn't been used in time. Are you with me?


I've always hated really does make me sad to think about all of the food that gets wasted on a daily basis in grocery stores or restaurants, even in my own home, but I also hate throwing away money. Quality, organic produce isn't always cheap!


So my goal today is to educate you on how to wash and store your produce so that it has the longest life possible. I created a Produce Storage Guide for you (see pic or click here for PDF printable version).

Why is it suggested that some produce be kept in the crisper while some is fine on the shelf? 

The crisper drawer controls air flow & humidity helping to keep certain produce crisper and lasting longer.

Also, certain produce can release gases that may actually speed up the ripening process of others. This can be both good and bad. I find apples and bananas to have to strongest effect.

When storing apples in the crisper drawer, try to keep them separate from other produce by storing in a plastic or paper bag.


Bananas can be helpful to speed up the ripening of avocados. I typically put my hard avocados in a bowl and place the bananas on top. Once they have reached the desired ripeness I put the avocados in the fridge.

I don't like to store my bananas in the fridge. I keep them on the counter and when they begin to turn brown and slightly soft, I make a point to bake or to peel the skin off and freeze them. I like to add them to smoothie bags that I store in the freezer as well.

If you find your veggies are running out of life, leafy greens can be given an ice bath to spruce them up a bit, or I like to freeze my spinach greens in smoothie bags as well. But don't hesitate to cut and freeze produce just before it is about to expire!

Every little bit counts when it comes to reducing waste and money. Hopfully some of these tips will allow you to waste less and also sleep better at night as well!

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