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Apples Apples Everywhere!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I think my very favorite part about living in the Northeast is that we truly get to experience all 4 seasons. They've changed a bit from what I remember growing up, but without fail, just as soon as I've had enough of one season, a new one enters leaving me feeling renewed and invigorated!

I'm a Gemini so I always have trouble making decision and I can't ever decide on my favorite season. I usually wanna say it's summer, but I really do love certain aspects of each. But fall is a definite top contender.

There's nothing like that sudden slight chill in the air after a long hot July and August when you know that fall and all it brings is right around the corner.

And while typically most people see January 1 as the start of the new year, with my background in teaching, for me, I always consider September to be that new start. So much comes to life in the fall and it brings so much new and good to celebrate.

But at the same time, I don't like to cut summer short...I prefer to give it every day it deserves. So just how I won't really start listening to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving (my girls are making that more difficult lately), I won't start pulling out all of my fall recipes until the first official day of fall! But here we are, so you're in luck!

I've decided to dedicate the first few weeks of fall to apples and then once October is underway I will shift my focus to all things pumpkin! Hopefully by that point you won't be tired of pumpkin recipes...I promise, you won't want to miss some of them!

So back to apples...let's start with breakfast. Oatmeal is pretty much a staple in our home, the girls and I eat it probably at least once a week if not more. So this super simple Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal recipe isn't anything wild or crazy, but it's a great way to start your day with all the fall feels and packed with great nutrients that will keep you feeling full and satisfied!

How about snacks? If you're like me, granola is a staple in your home. I love to top yogurt with it, make my own cereal, add it to a trail mix, melt it down with some chocolate,or just eat it by the handful. So here I concocted an Apple Granola and it didn't disappoint! In fact, I can't stop eating it! This was one of my original (and very simple recipes for granola) that I forgot about until one of my very first clients reminded me of it! So I got a little creative and added a fall spin! It can stand alone or be used however your little heart desires, (there are so many ways)!

Finally, who doesn't love a little warm Apple Crisp topped with some vanilla ice cream?!?! I spent all last fall trying to perfect this recipe. I may still have a little tweaking to do, but I'm pretty happy with it as it is! There's nothing like the smell of apples cooking in your oven and this certainly does the trick!

I'll be working on a few more recipes in the upcoming weeks (I'm thinking pork chops with apples and an apple loaf cake...also open to suggestions). I'll be sharing them in my newsletter and some fun videos on Instagram! Hope to see you there! For now, enjoy some apple fun and let me know what you decide to try!

Happy fall!!

Be well,

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