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Meal Prep Links & Things

  • 1. Pyrex Storage Containers -These are my tried & true containers that I've used since my wedding registry almost 15 years ago. I've replaced some of the lids and added to my collection, but you can't go wrong with these - great for storage or transporting food, heating and even serving!

  • 2. Zwilling Storage Containers - I am slowly adding these to my collection. They are incredible for storing food and keeping it air tight. Also easy to stack and they look neat and organized too!

  • 3. Glass Storage Cups - These not only look cute, but the bamboo lid seals well. I love setting up overnight oats or chia pudding in one of these glass cups and enjoying the way they look in my fridge and the fact that they are easy to grab and go with a convenient spoon attached!

  • 4. Olive Oil Sprayer - Quite easily one of my newer favorite gadgets. I've gifted to at least 10 people already - perfect for adding th right amount of olive oil to your food, great for salads or seasoning meals and looks nice on your counter too!

  • 5. Ice Cream Scoop - While I do use these for ice cream, most often I use them for making oat balls, muffins, cookies, meatballs, etc. It removes half of the effort and keeps everything uniform. Super easy and convenient to use and comes in all different sizes!

  • 6. Salt Holder - I am a BIG fan of salt (espeically pink Himalayan or Sea Salt) and I use salt in EVERYTHING I cook or bake. This beautiful salt holder sits conveniently next to my stove and looks sleek and decorative.

  • 7. Silicon Baking Cups - These were a game changer! Gone are the days of using tons of cooking spray only to still have to scrup my muffin tin, or trying to remember to buy muffin liners! These are extremely non-stick and easy to clean and the muffins or egg cups pop right out!

  • 8. Veggie Chopper- I was gifted an older version of this at my wedding shower and it might have been one of my favorite gifts. It makes chopping veggies soooo simple because it cuts down the time in (more than) half and makes everything uniform! Bye bye hours of chopping!

  • 9. Citrus Juicer - I use lemon and other citrus fruits constantly - in my morning water, to sip on throughout the day, to season food, in dips and guacamole, you name it. I pull this little gadget out of the drawer more times that I can count. It wastes no juice and is super simple to use and clean.

  • 10. Silicon Spatula - These are a non-negotiable! I would be lost without my silicon spatulas! I use them for everything - cooking, baking, getting the last bits of sauce or peanut butter or batter. They won't scrape your pans and are easy to clean and make cooking a whole lot easier!

  • 11. Teak Cutting Board - Every house needs at least one really nice cutting board. I am a big fan of bamboo or Teak. This one is not only super functional, but it looks pretty standing up on your counter or behind your stove for easy grab and use. 

  • 12. Dutch Oven - Besides my cast iron pans, this is probably the pot I use most often. Whenever I'm making a big pot of sauce, or soup or a big batch of veggies, searing meat, boiling pasta, I turn to my Dutch Oven. It cooks thoroughly and can safely be used on the stovetop AND in the oven. It's also great for storing leftovers withouth having to transfer into other containers. I would be lost without mine!

  • 13. Silicon Baking Mats - I use parchment paper often, but lately when I'm baking or freezing chocolates I've been grabbing my silicon baking mat. Much less waste, easy to clean and is completely non-stick making clean up easy!

  • 14. Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder - This is the protein powder I've been using for over 7 years. It is very thoroughly researched, loaded with super foods and tastes delicious. While it is a plant based powder, it has an exceptional protein profile and plenty of fiber as well! I use it for smoothies, pudding, in pancakes and baked goods, in yogurt or oatmeal - the list goes on! It comes in larger bags or single serve packets and can be ordered as just vanila, just chocolate or a combo of each!

Here's to  prepping with confidence & ease!

**Please note that a small commission may be made on some affiliate links I recommend at no added cost to you. I am selective with what I share and only recommend products I use and enjoy myself. 

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