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4th of July Finds (2).png

Fun Summer Finds

  • ​1. Copper Grill Mats - You'll never grill w/o these again once you experience how much juice & flavor remains! Easy & safe to use! Leave the tar marks behind but keep all the flavor!

  • ​2. Bru Mate - With flavored seltzer drinks in a thin can being in high demand, you need one of these stainless steel koozies to keep your drink cold!

  • ​3. Towel Clips - Because I know I can't stand when my towel doesn't stay in place on my chair, especially on a windy day at the beach!

  • 4. ​Clip Fan- keep your body temp down in the heat with this cute fan that wraps around your chair or stroller!

  • 5. Sun Hat - Protect your scalp & look cute too!

  • 6. Aloe Vera Gel - Because sometimes sunscreen efforts fail, ditch the chemicals with this better brand.

  • 7. JBL Flip Waterproof Portable Speaker- whether you're at the beach, poolside, at a BBQ or just in your home, this durable, clear & easy to transport speaker is perfect for fun tunes all summer long and beyond!

  • 8. Bumbleroot Hydration Drink Mix - Because proper hydration takes more than just water, replenish minerals & electrolytes with this yummy powder that mixes right into your water or smoothie! (code coming soon but 20% off sale this weekend!

  • 9. Vuori Performance Shorts - cute, comfy & versatile, these shorts check all the boxes and are becoming a new addition to my newly renovated closet! - Take 20% off your first order!

  • 10. Coola Organic Lip Balm - Avoid painful sun blisters with this smooth & soothing lip balm.

  • 11. Athletic Brewing Comany Daypack Flavored Seltzers - These may be my new favorite find for the summer! Infused with hops, these non-alcoholic flavored seltzers remind me of a light and refreshing beer minus the alcohol! Who knew a setlzer water could do that? But they are perfect for those who are cutting back on drining or don't drink at all! Enjoy a free 6 pack with purcahse of 2 6-packs

Hoping it's a summer full of sun, fun & relaxation!

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