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Cozy Days Must-haves

  • 1. Ugg Robe - My husband gifted me this robe 2 Christmases ago & I don't know what I would do without it now. It's the first thing I grab for when I wake up on a chilly morning and it keeps me warm & toasty at night when I'm winding down. It is so soft & cozy & makes the perfect gift for someone (or yourself)!!

  • 2. Cute, Cozy Slippers - Keeping your feet warm helps to redistribute heat through the body, helps to regulate body temperature, feels luxurious, & they look cute! These are perfect year round!

  • 3. Ugg Slipper Socks - See above for the benefits of keeping your feet warm & cozy, but enjoy the the warmth without the bulk of slippers. These slipper socks are on my feet from morning till night on a calm & quiet day & are easy to relax on the couch with. They make a great gift too!

  • 4. Knitted Blanket - A cozy blanket with a little weight to it can help increase a feeling of calm and relaxation which can benefit sleep & stress. This one is beautiful and looks great as a throw & will keep you warm without a doubt!

  • 5. Blue Light Blockers - If you don't wear glasses or if you do but don't have blue light protection, I would highly recommend. Blue light can impact hormones affecting sleep and cognitive function. There are so many super cute styles and on those days when you're relaxing and scrolling on your phone or sitting in front of your computer, a simple pair of Blue Light Blockers can have a powerful impact!

  • 6. Silk Pillow Case - This was one of my most recent purchases. Using a silk or satin pillow case can have many positive benefits on skin, hair, temperature regulation and may even hold onto less bacteria or chemicals than cotton. Plus, it feels super luxurious! Give them a try!

  • 7. Dutch Oven - During the colder months I do lots of one pot meals. I would be completely lost without my Dutch Oven! I use it for everything from soups and stews to sauteing or even baking. It can safely go on the stove and in the oven and makes cooking and clean up so much easier! A truly worthwhile investment for any kitchen!

  • 8. Soup Bowls - I couldn't resist these soup bowls! They are super cute and fit the perfect amount. And since the colder months are time for eating all different meals out of a bowl, these bowls are the perfect choice!

Wishing you a peaceful, joyful & cozy holiday season!

**Please note that a small commission may be made on some affiliate links I recommend at no added cost to you. I am selective with what I share and only recommend products I use and enjoy myself. 

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